DARE YA! is a multiplayer, and mobile gaming app that takes the age old game of
“Truth or Dare” and turns up the heat, by dropping the “Truth” from the equation.

DARE YA! is an entirely new mobile gaming experience, connecting player’s Facebook friends and Twitter followers to encourage engagement. Instigating Dare’s and Taunting friends are simply the beginning, DARE YA! brings together a truly unique game of social interaction, combining awards, incentives, and recognition events, that together create an integrated social experience on many levels.

Each DARE YA! game begins with a Dare, users can select from a pre-existing list of Dare’s or create a custom Dare. Users instigate the Dare’s, to friends, relatives, office mates or anyone they may wish to reach within their social networks. Once a Dare has been instigated, others may wish to voyeur the Dare, or “Jump In”, creating a “Dare Stream” of users participating in a given Dare Game. Socially sharing, generating “Likes”, Winning Coins and encouraging new social connections through game play DARE YA! is all about.

By Integrating “super social” and “viral” media connections into every aspect of game play, Dares can be shared and presented socially, a custom Dare may even be Brand, Cause (e.g. Red Cross Donatation) or Celebrity sponsored. The resulting action of each completed Dare is captured via photo or video and posted seamlessly through the app (e.g. high five a law enforcement officer, massage a stranger, or user generated and random custom Dare), encouraging the viral distribution of a completed Dare’s.

A DARE DEFINED: “To Encourage Another, To Do Things They Otherwise May Not”.
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