DARE YA!  “The Mobile, Social Game of Dares!”

DARE YA! is a multiplayer, and mobile gaming app that takes the age old game of
“Truth or Dare” and turns up the heat, by dropping the “Truth” from the equation.

DARE YA! is an entirely new mobile gaming experience, connecting player’s Facebook friends and Twitter followers to encourage engagement. Instigating Dare’s and Taunting friends are simply the beginning, DARE YA! brings together a truly unique game of social interaction, combining awards, incentives, and recognition events, that together create an integrated social experience on many levels.

Each DARE YA! game begins with a Dare, users can select from a pre-existing list of Dare’s or create a custom Dare. Users instigate the Dare’s, to friends, relatives, office mates or anyone they may wish to reach within their social networks. Once a Dare has been instigated, others may wish to voyeur the Dare, or “Jump In”, creating a “Dare Stream” of users participating in a given Dare Game. Socially sharing, generating “Likes”, Winning Coins and encouraging new social connections through game play DARE YA! is all about.

By Integrating “super social” and “viral” media connections into every aspect of game play, Dares can be shared and presented socially, a custom Dare may even be Brand, Cause (e.g. Red Cross Donatation) or Celebrity sponsored. The resulting action of each completed Dare is captured via photo or video and posted seamlessly through the app (e.g. high five a law enforcement officer, massage a stranger, or user generated and random custom Dare), encouraging the viral distribution of a completed Dare’s.

A DARE DEFINED: “To Encourage Another, To Do Things They Otherwise May Not”.
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Cloud9 Learning  

The Cloud9 Mobile Management System provides a new resource for the nation’s
schools that wish to engage in the rapidly emerging field of mLearning.

Cloud9’s MMS has been designed to provide a complete, highly scalable product
to meet this need.

Cloud9 Learning is an entirely new mLearning management system and first-of-a-kind mobile app. A powerful mobile application designed to provide effective, structured instruction in the rapidly emerging K-12 mLearning marketplace for all major mobile tablet and smartphone platforms. The C9 mLearning management system (MMS) has many of the attributes of a conventional Learning Management System (LMS) as well as the many of powerful communications and collaboration features associated with mobile computing.


iHookup is one of the top iTunes Social Networking apps for dating. Easily find a
Hook Up connection! Private photo galleries, instant notifications, and worldwide
location based access that enables you to connect and hook up with others whenever, and wherever, you desire! For a date, a drink, or just to HOOK UP! Isn’t it time to add some spice to your life? Life is short… Hook Up Now!

ICE for Pets  

ICE for Pets keeps crucial information about your pets at your fingertips.
No matter where you are, your pets information is available – GPS routing
to your pet’s Vet and click to call features, medical info, allergies,
notes, emergency contacts, and much more!

Help keep your pets safe when you are not around. ICEforPets provides pet owners and sitters the ability to alert an emergency contact to care for their pets if they can’t.

The Mountain Winery  

The official App of The Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California.

Check out this App for up to date information on the summer concert series, our wines, special events, and weddings. You can purchase tickets directly from the app, view seating charts and get breaking concert news sent straight to your phone. Don’t forget to register to win 2 free tickets to an upcoming show!

Donati Winery  

It’s no secret Italians have a love for the vine in their blood – Ron Donati is no different.

In 1998 when he purchased the Paicines property his vision was for his son, Matt Donati, to grow high quality, unique grapes from the 9th oldest AVA in California. Soon, after rave reviews of the fruit, Ron Donati (ever the business man) got to thinking… good grapes make great wine. Thus is born Donati Family Vineyard.